Are you a beginner? How lucky!

I was also a beginner once. I think that there is nothing more exciting that beginning something that is going to have a real impact on your life.

After teaching more than 500 students, I can assure you that beginner levels are special to me.

So, if you are a beginner, you must feel special. You are going to experience and learn things that will change your life.

When you decided to learn Spanish, a new path opened up in front of you. Now you just have to take a first step.


You start a new journey in your life

Since I made my first movement to Stockholm, I have been immersed in an endless journey.

I discovered a new world, met new people, connected with enlightening ideas and… I learned new languages.

To be able to learn a new language you need to be a beginner, in the first place. Being a beginner is a »must» to start a new journey in your life .

Motivation, adventure, knowledge, obstacles, surprises, tolerance, difficulties.. are the elements of any journey. You are going to experience all of them through this Spanish journey.

Believe me: the world that surrounds you is going to change drastically.


You take a great responsability… and so do I

Being a beginner also involves taking a great reponsability.

To take the first steps in this journey and succeed, depends on you… and on me.

Determination, discipline, self-motivation, curiosity… are your duties.

I will guide you in your first steps. My responsability is to assure you that you are not going to lose yourself in the beginning of this journey and to help you, with guidance and support, to take one step after another.

Learning new language is not just a matter of knowledge and motivation, but of commitment… and responsability.


You create a solid foundation to go further

Although I will help you take your first steps in this journey, later on you will have to walk alone.

This journey does not end with these lessons neither with me. You are going to continue walking further yourself.

Beginners have to create a solid language foundation to be able to progress later on.

If there are any knowledge gaps that are not filled in the processs of creating your language foundation, the journey will get harder later.

The key idea: try to focus on quality instead of quantity in this stage.

In other words, move slowly but resolutely. Do not run.


You spark your curiousity for the rest of your life

In the beginner level everything seems new and exciting.

You feel that every thing that you learn has a great connection with your life and you are making a huge progress, lesson after lesson. You feel that is impossible to stumble on the road.

But you are going to face unexpected problems and difficulties. This is also a part of a learning procces.

And do you know what is the best way to overcome all of these problems? Being curious.

Curiosity is an energy that you will experience in abundance as a beginner student. Ask all you want, feel that you are finding out something new in every step you take, feel that you are changing your life.

It must be you lifelong goal: try to be curious during all of your Spanish lessons as well as during the rest of you life.

If my lessons can transform you into a curious person for the rest of your life, you will make me the happiest teacher in the world.