When you memorize new words or learn a new grammar structure, you are doing a part of a learning process of a language. To learn a language, you must also use the language in real communicative situations. You must what does it mean using a language.


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Not all is grammar. Every time that a new student contacts with me asks me which grammar you are going to teach or «Sergio, actually I’m not good at all in grammar»…. I always reply the same: grammar is important, but not the only piece of the cake.

Also, it happens the same with vocabulary. New students loves (les encanta) memorizing new words (palabras). However, learning grammar o memorizing new words is not always the same as using the language.

As well as lingüístic competence, the Spanish speaker must domain Communicative competence. My dear beginner, you must use the language in communicative context, como por ejemplo, talking with other people or writing a Whatsapp in Spanish.

So, don’t just focus on improve your grammar skills or memorize loads of words, but use them in real communicative context. With Internet, es posible wherever you are.

As you can imagine, you will have to use the language further than in my lessons, so prepare your WIFI and your internet to succeed.

If you don’t belive me, escucha next podcast to discover what happen when you just exposure yourself to a language but you don’t produce anything in a communicative context. I will give you two real examples of students who can understand a lot, but they cannot say anything.