Bienvenido, my dear Spanish beginner! We have almost finished with our beloved irregulars verbs and Presente irregular.

This time, we are going to see the fouth group of this irregular verbs in Spanish. They are a bit special because this group of verbs are just irregulars with «yo» personal pronoun.

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In this group, «yo» makes all this verbs irregulars and there is not any particular pattern to learn:

SALIR: Yo salo, yo salgo

VENIR: Yo veno, yo vengo

DAR: Yo do, yo doy

But remember that after «yo», all is regular

Remember that this group of verbs are just irregular with «yo». The other personal pronouns do not have any irregularity:

Yo salgo, tú sales, él sale, nosotros salimos, vosotros salís, ellos salen

Yo vengo, tú vienes, él viene, nosotros venimos, vosotros venís y ellos vienen

Yo doy, tu das, el da, nosotros damos, vosotros dais, ellos dan.