Bienvenido o bienvenida my dear Spanish beginner! We start with the first group of Presente irregular. A group that have the same irregularity as verbo QUERER.

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Irregularity #1: «e» turns «ie» (verbo QUERER)

In this first group of Presente irregular we are going to see a classic variation and irregularity: the vowel «e» turns «ie»

The classic example is verbo QUERER.



Other verbos of this group

Remember the bad news that I told you in the previous podcasts: although once you learn which irregularity contains each group, you will have to learn by heart which verbs belong to this group.

Here there are some others: Querer (to want, to love), empezar (to start), pensar (to think), cerrar (to close), preferir (to prefer), sentir (to feel).

Refresh your mind:

  • If it’s a verbo of two sílabas (QUERER: que-rer), the irregularity is in the first «e».
  • If it’s a verbo of three or more sílabas (PREFERIR: pre-fe-rir), the iregularity is in the second «e».

Basic tip and universal rule

Ah, and remember this basic tip: «nosotros» and «vosotros» never change, so these personal pronouns are ALWAYS regular (nosotros QUEREMOS and vosotros QUERÉIS).