Bienvenido, my dear Spanish beginner! Por fin… we finish with the last group of Spanish Presente irregular verbs!

This time, we are going to see the fifth group of this irregular verbs in Spanish. They are a reallly really special because this group of verbs are all super-mega irregulars and they don’t have any particular pattern.

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100% irregular verbs

In this group, there is not any particular pattern nor rule to learn and this verbs have a drastical change from the infinitive form:

SER: Yo soy, tú eres, él es, nosotros somos…

IR: Yo voy, tú vas…

Verbs that share irregularities with other groups

Besides, there are other kind of verbs in this groups that share some irregularities of the other 4 previous groups:

DECIR: Yo digo (como el group 4), dices (como el group 3)

TENER: Yo tengo (como el group 4), tienes, tiene… (group 1)

JUGAR: Yo juego, juegas, juega (a mix between group 2 and group 4)