Bienvenido, my dear Spanish beginner! Let’s continue with Presente irregular.

This time, we are going to see the second group of this irregular verbs in Presente that we find in Spanish. The best example of this second group is the verbo DORMIR (to sleep).

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In this group, the irregular vowel is «O», that Will change to «UE».

YO dormo, tú dormes, él dorme…

Yo duermo, tú duermes, él duerme…

Other verbs of this group

Encontrar (to find), volar (to fly), poder (to be able to)…

Refresh your mind:

  • If it’s a verbo of two sílabas (DORMIR: dor-mir), the irregularity is in the first «o».
  • If it’s a verbo of three or more sílabas (ENCONTRAR: en-con-trar), the iregularity is in the second «o».

Basic tip and universal rule

Ah, and remember this basic tip: «nosotros» and «vosotros» never change, so these personal pronouns are ALWAYS regular (nosotros DORMIMOS and vosotros DORMÍS).