Bienvenido o bienvenida, my dear Spanish beginner to other «Reto de la semana». Today we are going with one of the trickiest retos de la semana ever.

And we are going to focus in our loved verbo «GUSTAR«. We know that it has just two forms: gusta and gustan. And we know that gusta goes with sustantivos in singular and infinitivos (Me gusta la paella, me gusta comer) but, by the contrast, gustan goes just with plural sustantivos (Me gustan las paellas).

However… ¿what happen when we have two sustantivos connected by coordinación as, for example, «…el helado y el café?

¿It is «Me gusta el helado y el café» or «Me gustan el helado y el café?

Reto de la semana: me gusta/n el helado y el café


a) Me gusta el helado y el café
b) Me gustan el helado y el café

The solutions are in the podcast. ¡Escúchalo!

¡Thank you to the Spanish students who has participated in this reto de la semana!

How can I participate?

There are three ways:

I publish the reto in the previous channels every Monday (lunes) and I publish the solutions in my podcast every Sunday (domingo).