100% Tailored lesson

► Choose the lesson you want and I will create a 100% customized lesson for you.

► The more specific you are, the more precise lesson you take: content, topics, materials...

► 1 hour "100% Tailored" lesson (14€)
Book a 1h 100% TAILORED LESSON

► 1h "100% Tailored" lesson (12€)
Book a 45m 100% TAILORED LESSON

"Presente" lesson

► Practice "Presente de indicativo" regular and irregular verbs

► 1 hour "Presente lesson (12€)
Book a 1h PRESENTE lesson

► 45 minutes "Presente lesson" (10€)
Book a 45m PRESENTE lesson

"Pasados" lesson

► Practice all the past tenses in Spanish: Pretérito perfecto, pretérito imperfecto, pretérito indefinido and pretérito pluscuamperfecto

► 1 hour "Pasados lesson (12€)
Book a 1h PASADOS lesson

► 45 minutes "Pasados lesson" (10€)
Book a 45m PASADOS lesson

"Role-Play communicative situations" lesson

► Choose a communicative situation (shopping, ordering in a bar, telling a story to a friend, visiting doctor...)

► You will practise all the language content that you need for that specific role-play situation.

► At the end of the lesson, you will simulate the role-play situation.

► 1 hour "Role-play communicative situation" lesson (13€)
Book a ROLE-PLAY lesson

Writing lesson

► Decide what you want to write (typology, topic, extension...)

► Send me the text and I will correct it.

► We will arrange an online meeting in order to give you your corrected text + feedback

► 400-800 words text + 20m online session (12€)
Book a 800 words WRITING lesson

► 0-400 words text + 20m online session (10€)
Book a 400 words WRITING lesson