► To receive a sample of one of my lessons in order to check if I am the convenient teacher for you and if my methodology suits you as a student.

► To evaluate your Spanish level, learning needs and goals to create a learning program that suits your learning situation. You will be able to negotiate with me your points.

► To explain you deeply what lessons are available for you, how do they work and more about me as a teacher. And of course, you will able to ask me what you need!

30 minutes

Every Trial Lesson include 30 minutes that are structured in this way:

20 minutes (sample lesson)

10 minutes (feedback and negotiation)

Three questions before your Trial Lesson

Before accepting your Trial Lesson, I will need you to answer these 3 questions:

► How long have you been studying Spanish? Are you a complete beginner?

Why have you decided to learn Spanish?

What are your goals with Spanish in short-term and long-term?

This information will help me a lot to prepare your Trial Lesson!