► To prepare you to DELE (A1-C2) with exam models that include the same format that you will find the day when you take the real exam.

► To prepare you in the 4 “pruebas” of DELE: Comprensión lectora, comprensión auditiva, expresión e interacción escrita, expresión e interacción oral.

► To evaluate your performance according to the DELE granding scale that examinator use in the exam and to give you feedback and recommendation to improve your DELE scores.

Why me?

I am a qualified DELE examinator who has taken part in DELE official exams as examinator and head examinator.


I use books and materials that include samples with the same format that you will find the day of the exam, such as:


Every time that you book a DELE lesson, I will send you a DELE model that include the 4 pruebas. You will have to follow next instructions:

► You will do at home Comprensión escrita and Comprensión oral (I will send you the audios as well). I will attach the solutions in order to be able correct them by yourself. If then you have questions, you will be able to ask me during the class.

► You will do at home Expresión e interacción escrita. You will send me your text(s) by Google Docs and I will correct them and I will give you your score and feedback during the class.

► You will prepare Expresión e interacción oral at home (just the compulsory “tareas”). Then, during the class, you will do completely this prueba and I will give you feedback and your final score.

I recommend you to take a look at the format of DELE exam