As the objective of the General Lessons is directed to accomplish the content of a A1 and A2 levels according to the CEFR, I have created a content program (Temario) for these levels.

I recommend you take a look at them and then decided from where you think you should begin with.


Small groups

Lessons are composed of small groups of students: 2-4 students.

This amount of students allows me to create lessons in which you will be able to interact with your fellow students and, at the same time, to be able to participate constantly during the lesson.

I can focus better on the learning goals, interests and way of learning of a short number of students instead of a large one.


One of the reasons that makes a beginner student succed, is  focusing on quality instead of quantity.

It is really important to create a solid foundation in this level to be able to progress in the next levels.

A crucial element in this quality idea is the intensivity.

Why do you need a lessons two hours long when your concenration begins to descrease after one hour?

For this reason, I offer lessons of 1 hour and 45 min.

Communicative + interactive

I conceive the language as a communicative tool that helps achieving a communicative goal inside of a communicative context.

In the real world we use a language mainly to communicate something.

As communicative lessons that are, you will have to interact constantly with your fellow students in order to be able to create communication and to solve your exercices.


An online lesson requires, necessarily, using technology.

However, technology is not the center of my lessons, it is just a tool that makes easier both learning and teaching.

For this reason, I use a selected group of language learning apps during my lessons. Just a few, but they are all that I need in your learning process.


Every language content (grammar structures, vocabulary…) will be introducted in a communicative context.

You will learn it inductively: I will guide you during these introductions and you and your partners will conclude (with my help) the rules and the communicative use by yourself.


Once is introducted and you have concluded their communicative use and form, it will have to be practised with exercises.

There are two types of exercises:

  • Formal exercises (focused on practicing the language form)
  • Communicative exercices (focused on using the language content in a communicative context)


Out of class, you will have to revise this content on a regular basis. My revisions are the typical homework but with a use of technology.

You will have to upload all of your homework in a free LMS. I will download it and I will correct it properly in order to give you, not just your corrections, but also a proper feedback in your next lesson.