► Receive a sample of one of my lessons for 30 minutes.

Check if I am the proper teacher for you and if my methodology fits you.

► Let me evaluate your current level and learning needs in order to create a suitable learnign plan for you.

► Negotiate your goals and how you want to do it. Make me all the questions that you have.


Begin from your current level and progress step by step through A1/A2 levels (CEFR).

► For students who want to learn gradually but safely all the content of A1/A2 levels.  

►  You can negotiate with the teacher how you want to do it and decide your own learning pace.


► Prepare your DELE exam with an official examinator certificated in all DELE levels (A1-C2)

► Use DELE models with the same format that you will find in the real exam practising the 4 pruebas (Comprensión lectora, Comprensión auditiva, expresión e interacción escrita, expresión e interacción oral).

► Receive DELE examinator reports and feedback of your perfomance to improve lesson after lesson in order to be 100% prepared for the exam.


► Focus on an specific learning aspect inside A1 and A2 level: past tenses, writing, language consultory…

► The most specific you are, the most personalized lesson you will receive