1. Lessons will begin and conclude at time. If there is any delay problem, lesson will be not extended. Try to contact with me as early as posible.

2. Delays further than 15 minutes will prompt the cancellation of the lesson with no refund.

3. It is necessary a good Internet connection and the basic tools (microphone, audio device) to take a lesson. The teacher is not responsible for the technical issues that can emerge during a lesson (bad internet connection, problems with the microphone…).

4. Any insults or hate speech will result with cancelling all of your classes.


1. The only online payment service accepted for now is PayPal and Stripe. No personal data nor money transfer data will be published at the moment of paying (Privacy Policy Paypal)

2. Once you book a lesson (Step 1), you will have to use any of the payment services that you will find at the end of the booking process (Step 2). Although you have booked a lesson (choose day and time), no lesson will be definetely scheduled until the payment transfer has been done.


1. Within 24 hours of the upcoming lesson appointment your lesson is locked and cannot be rescheduled. If you abruptly cancel a class less than 24 hours from a scheduled lesson, the lesson must be paid in full. Please try to communicate with me as early as possible.

2. If the teacher cancels a class less than 24 hours from a scheduled lesson, the money will be refunded completely and the student will have the option to reschedule the next lesson for the half price.

3. If there is any technical issues that prevent teaching the lesson (e. g. bad internet connection, problems with microphone, etc.) the money will be refunded completely.

4. If you want to cancel a package from that you haven’t taken any class yet, the money will be refunded completely. In case you have taken at least one lesson from that package, the money will be refunded with a 30% penalty for every payed class that has not taken.

5. All the packages have its own expiration date from the day you make the transfer (5 lessons package – 8 weeks / 10 lessons package – 13 weeks). In case you exceed the expiration date and you have still lessons to take, you will not be able to take more lessons from that package.

  1. Do not make a transfer until the teacher assures you that there are group lessons available and their timetable. Please, contact with me or take a Trial Lesson before.
  2. If there are not enough numbers of students in the group (2 at least), you will be placed to the waiting list. In case you have already paid for the lesson or group package and there are not enough students, you will have the option to get refunded your money completely or to be placed in the waiting list until we can create a new group.
  3. If you cannot attend a lesson and you do not warn us within 24 hours, the lesson must be paid in full. If you cancel abruptly a package and this means that the group lesson cannot continue, the money will not be refunded.