You are not a geek? Don’t panic: less is more.

Less is more

Online lessons require, necessarily, the use of technology.

However, technology is never a central point of my lessons, it is just a way to make your learning easier.

For this reason, I use just a few free learning apps. I have been using them for many years in my lessons and they are all I need: they are useful.

Although you are not a geek, you will not need more than one day to learn how to use them.

Write down this list. You will not need others.


Learning apps


Skype / Zoom

I have used Skype for many years… until I met Zoom. Now I use both of them depending on your preference.

They will allow us to communicate using video and sound during our lessons. Besides, they include other teaching features such as sharing the screen of your computer and an online board to do exercices.

If you do not want to use the video, it is okay. I just need to talk and to listen to you as if we were in a real class.


Google Docs

I like Google Docs because:

  • It is easy to use (one of the main points of Google apps)
  • It is interactive (we can work in a same document at the same time)
  • It is storaged online automatically (you will be able to access it from anywhere)

We will use Google Docs to create documents in which you will do your exercises and I will correct them instantly.

I will use Google Presentation to share my powerpoint slides with you.



With this app I can create and share with you an online board in seconds.

You are right: Zoom can also do it, but with Notebookcast I can prepare and save my boards in advance.

I use it to make my Introductions interactive: you will not only see what I am explaining, but you will participate in it.

In addition, you will able to save all this introductions as a png file and take it with you anywhere.



This free LMS has an interface similar to Facebook, so it is not going to be difficult to become acquainted with it.

You will be able to download all the materials that we use during our lessons (PDF, Google Doc, images, videos…) and you will be able to upload your homework here. 

And, of course, I will create one private and individual course just for you.