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► Have you decided to learn Spanish and you want to start off on the right foot?

►Have you started many times but always gave up on it?

►Do you feel like you do not progress and you want to make a difference once and for all?



Methodology based on customised, intensive and communicative lessons

His experience and passion make the lessons impressive

In China, we have a saying that “Spanish is the language talking to the god” due to its musical rhythm and because it often puts vowels in the end of words and sentences.

For me, I have no idea about Spanish before Sergio brought me into the world of Spanish. His experience and passion make the lessons impressive indeed, of course, as a professional Spanish teacher, he adopts the most efficient way to teach us. Communicating and interacting in the Spanish lessons via online platform make everything perfect, it is not like a pure learning, what we do is to gain the skills via talking in the common situation like a baby learning his mother tongue, which is the best way to learn a language naturally from my perspective.

Of course I still have a lot of knowledge in Spanish to learn, but I can see the future keeping accompany with a good teacher. And how about you, why not have a try? Just make it!

Xaver - Hong Kong
Hong Kong

A different approach towards the learning process

Sergio is a great professor with a different approach towards the learning process. His lessons are innovative and interesting. Definitely the best professor I have ever had! :’D

Emina - Bosnia and Herzegovina

He is well prepared and a great guy overall

I have been trying to learn Spanish now for almost 2 years but never had the commitment of sticking with it. Usually because of my work schedule and class times always seemed to coincide together or else it was giving up my precious Saturday mornings to attend a lesson.

Then 5 months ago I met Sergio online, he was offering lessons tailored to my needs at a very reasonable price but most important , I got to choose the time of the lessons to suit my schedule. This is the longest I’ve spent with one teacher. He’s well prepared and a great guy overall. I wouldn’t recommended anyone else.

Oliver - Ireland

Sergio helps to achieve what I am looking for in the process of learning the language

I found Sergio when I hit the plateau in my Spanish. I was learning for 3 month by myself using apps and audios and just self study. But then i had a lack of practise and it seemed it was going to nowhere. I found Sergio very helpful with getting over the fear to speak and starting to use what i´ve learned. We quickly found where I have problems and what we should work on and where I should focus more. Language by the book is one thing, it is very easy to memorise and use the paterns, but in every day life you need to be more flexible with you language.

Sergio helps to achieve what I am looking for in the process of learning the language. He is very easy going and funny and the lessons fly by very fast but super informative. I made a great choice when I picked him among all the teachers.

Katherine - Russia

Why beginners?

I taught more than 500 students from different nationalities, ages and levels.

And do you know with what kind of student I enjoy the most? Exactly, with beginners.

Are you a beginner? How lucky!

Simple but effective lessons

Every lesson has a simple but effective structure in order to create, lesson by lesson, a solid language learning foundation:

► Interactive introductions of grammar structures and/or vocabulary

► Exercises focused on practicing the form and exercises focused on practicing its use in a communicative context

► Revisions at home; feedback in class to progress continuately

See how does a lesson work

Language apps to boost your learning

Learning online entails using technology tools and apps.

In my online lessons you will use a selected group of language learning apps

Language learning apps

Easy and quick booking and payment system

1 Decide what lesson you want to take.

2. Choose an available day at time and book it.

3. Pay it quickly and safely with PAYPAL or with a credit card (STRIPE).

4. Take your lesson using Skype or Zoom.