Learn Spanish online... despacito


► Have you decided to learn Spanish and you want to start off on the right foot?

►Have you started many times but always gave up on it?

►Do you feel like you do not progress and you want to make a difference once and for all?



Methodology based on customised, intensive and communicative lessons

Why beginners?

I taught more than 500 students from different nationalities, ages and levels.

And do you know with what kind of student I enjoy the most? Exactly, with beginners.

Are you a beginner? How lucky!

Simple but effective lessons

Every lesson has a simple but effective structure in order to create, lesson by lesson, a solid language learning foundation:

► Interactive introductions of grammar structures and/or vocabulary

► Exercises focused on practicing the form and exercises focused on practicing its use in a communicative context

► Revisions at home; feedback in class to progress continuately

See how does a lesson work

Language apps to boost your learning

Learning online entails using technology tools and apps.

In my online lessons you will use a selected group of language learning apps

Language learning apps

Easy and quick booking and payment system

1 Decide what lesson you want to take.

2. Choose an available day at time and book it.

3. Pay it quickly and safely with PAYPAL or with a credit card (STRIPE).

4. Take your lesson using Skype or Zoom.